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    Build classrooms, houses, bathrooms and much more


    Grow closer to Jesus Christ through service to others


    Spend two and a half weeks with LDS youth from around the world


Much like EFY, Humanitarian Experience for Youth (H.E.F.Y.) offers an amazing summer program for LDS teens focused on spiritual growth and development.  However, Humanitarian Experience goes far beyond EFY by bringing LDS teens to poverty stricken areas of the world to build classrooms, homes, orphanages, health clinics, and other beneficial facilities. Think of Humanitarian Experience as an advanced EFY program with international travel and service opportunities.  If you liked EFY, and you're ready for a whole new level of testimony building experiences, then you're ready for H.E.F.Y.

Is HEFY Right for You?

 You will enjoy HEFY if you...

  • Are an LDS youth between the ages of 16 and 19
  • Have a strong testimony of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
  • Loved EFY and want a more advanced program
  • Want to go on a unique LDS-oriented service expedition to a third-world country
  • Are seeking to build lifelong friendships with LDS youth from around the world
  • Would enjoy spending almost three weeks serving people living in poverty
  • Are ready to immerse yourself in a new culture
  • Want to work with local people, rather than be a tourist
  • Are prepared to work hard and have a "mission-like" experience
  • Would like to make a lasting difference in the lives of others and yourself


Who is H.E.F.Y.?

Humanitarian Experience for Youth (H.E.F.Y.) is a nonprofit humanitarian organization for LDS youth ages 16-19 years. It was established in 1999 by a group of socially conscious parents, leaders and volunteers who wanted to provide LDS teens with humanitarian service opportunities that would strengthen their testimonies.  Today, H.E.F.Y. has grown into a vibrant volunteer organization that serves in ten different countries and has impacted the lives of thousands of youth.  It is the largest organization of its kind and has received world-wide recognition for blessing the lives of people in need. Visit the Advisory Council page for a list of past adult coaches and affiliates who serve as references for the program.

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H.E.F.Y. vs. EFY

Humanitarian Experience for Youth is a lot like EFY: both are testimony-building programs for Young Men and Young Women packed with fun activities and led by inspiring and energetic young adults. Take a look at the similarities and differences between EFY and H.E.F.Y.:




Purpose: Strengthen testimonies of youth Strengthen testimonies of youth
Methods: Primarily via in-classroom learning Through humanitarian field work
Cost: Approximately $100/day Approximately $89/day (excluding airfare)
Length: 5 days 17 days
Age: 14-18 years 16-19 years
Location: United States Developing countries
Stay: Overnight Overnight
Youth: Co-ed Co-ed


In the end you can't go wrong with either H.E.F.Y. or EFY, it just depends what kind of experience you're looking for. If you're having trouble choosing between them...we recommend you do both!

Note: Humanitarian Experience for Youth is an independent non-profit organization and is not affiliated with BYU, the EFY program, or the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

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