Location: Nuku'alofa • Base Cost: $3050 • Age: 16-19

*Official dates, costs, and details for 2015 will be published soon

The Kingdom of Tonga is warm and beautiful, as are its people, giving it the nickname the "Friendly Island Kingdom of Tonga." Despite its ideal weather and picturesque beauty, Tonga is very much an underdeveloped country with needs for humanitarian work. Hurricanes and destitution forced many people from the remote outer islands to move onto the mainland, where they were placed in the most impoverished communities without much assistance. 

For your service project, you will build houses and toilets in an area where most of the residents don't have electricity and plumbing, and where they work night and day to earn eough money to send their kids to school. The presence of the LDS Church is strong here and you will have many spiritual and cultural experiences as you interact with members of the church close to your age.

In addition to providing much needed service, you will  enjoy the beautiful sites of the islands. During a two-day excursion to a Fijian island, you will be able to swim with sharks, climb the famous Rambling Rock, snorkel in the lagoon, and see beaches that are often used as the sites for movie sets. 

While in Tonga, you will see cultural performances, as well as local festivals, shows, and sporting events. The people of Tonga love to celebrate, and they are excited to share their culture with you.

Cost from 2014*

*Official prices for 2015 will be published in October

Departure Location Cost
Los Angeles, CA (LAX) $3050

All listed costs cover international airfare (from the selected departure location), food, lodging, and activities for the duration of the trip, as well as materials and labor for the humanitarian project. Click here to learn more. Many participants pay much less than this by fundraising all or part of the costs of their trip! Click here to learn how.  


Official trip dates for 2015 will be available in October and registration begins in November. If you'd like to register your interest for a trip, please click here and fill a short form so we can send you a link to register in November. Priority will be given based on age and the date of registered interest.

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