2021 General Questions

How will I know if my trip gets rerouted?

If you are on a trip that gets rerouted, you will be notified between 75 and 90 days prior to your departure. You will receive an email with a list of options available for you to choose. To see what these options are, please click the Trip Rerouting button below.

What if I have already been rerouted?

If you have received a notification from us about your trip being rerouted and have selected one of the options we described, then click below to see what your timeline will now look like.

What if my trip is a Go and moving forward?

If your trip is a GO, then you will receive an email from us specifying that. Once we confirm your trip is a GO, we will be sending you information regarding your international flight itinerary or your domestic airport meet-up location. Please wait to purchase a flight to meet at your designated airport until we send you this email. Click the button below to get more information about the GO Timeline.

General International/Domestic Timelines

To make sure you are up to date on your checklist items and all things HEFY, click one of the two buttons below to check your respective trip type’s timeline. 

Flights and Visas Questions

For all your flight and visa questions, please visit our Flights and Visas General Help Page.

General Finance/Account Questions

For all your finance and account questions, please visit our Finance General Help Page.