2021 HEFY Refund Policies


1. If you sign up during Registration Week (December 14-18, 2020)1, if the trip is canceled by HEFY 90 days or more2 prior to departure due to complications or restrictions arising from the COVID-19 pandemic, you may choose to (a) remain with your same group and switch to one of our amazing Domestic Alternative service trips, in which case you would receive a refund in the difference in costs3, or (b) cancel and receive a full refund of all money paid toward your trip (less the original non refundable deposit4 and any donations). 

2. If there are open spots that remain available after Registration Week, Builders may still sign up for a trip. In that case, if HEFY has to cancel trips for any reason related to the COVID-19 pandemic, you may still choose to remain with your same group and switch to one of our amazing Domestic Alternative service trips (you would receive a refund in the difference in costs.) However, you are not guaranteed a refund of any money paid toward your trip should you elect not to participate on the Domestic Alternative service trip.


  • $500 non refundable deposit required upon registration (December 14-18). This deposit is refundable until January 11. Anyone who registers after January 11 has 48 hours to cancel and receive a refund.
  • $1500 due January 15, 2021 ($2000 total)
  • Balance of trip due February 15, 2021

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With the well-being of Builders as our top priority, HEFY purchases travel insurance to protect Builders during the trip.

We highly recommend purchasing Cancel for Any Reason insurance to protect your investment in the event that YOU need to cancel from your trip prior to the start date. (The money-back guarantee only applies if HEFY cancels the trip).


While most years the demand for HEFY trips exceeds our capacity to provide them, 2021 remains uncertain. If  HEFY is forced to cancel a trip for insufficient participation, then HEFY will provide all new 2021 Builders a full refund of any monies paid to HEFY within thirty (30) days of the cancellation notice. HEFY bears no further responsibility beyond the refund. 


All donations are non refundable, per IRS guidelines. For this reason, if you are fundraising this year, you might consider encouraging your friends and extended family to give directly to you rather than giving to HEFY.  If they choose not to donate to HEFY they won’t receive a tax deduction, but if they give to you and then you make your payment directly it is not subject to the non refundable law.


If you selected the “Deferred” option and rolled over from 2020, your donations and payments became non refundable when you made that choice. However, in the event that your international trip is cancelled prior to 90 days before your departure, you may still join the Domestic Alternative trip with the other Builders in your 2021 group. Deferred Builders are not eligible for the money-back guarantee.

1 To be eligible for the money-back guarantee, booking must be made during Registration Week (December 14-18, 2020), and travel must conclude by August 31, 2021. Deferred Builders are not eligible for the money-back guarantee.

2 If the trip is canceled for any reason at 90 days or less prior to departure, the money-back guarantee is no longer valid and all payments will be subject to the normal HEFY refund policy.

3 Keep in mind that in the United State, the cost of building, lodging, food, and sightseeing is much higher than it is internationally, so the cost variation may not be significant.

4 The operation of trips requires extensive long-term planning, costs are incurred long before the actual departure date, including non refundable deposits paid to suppliers. HEFY therefore retains the original $500 non refundable deposit.