Communicating with Your Builder While They’re on Their Trip

Aside from the social and mental benefits of the Digital Detox, we’ve also found that it really aids in minimizing homesickness and helping Builders be “all in” from the beginning of their trip. Without constant reminders about what’s happening at home, they can fully concentrate on what’s happening on their trip.

Since you won’t be communicating with your Builder directly throughout their trip, we set up touch points so you have the reassurance that they are alive, well, and having a great time!

Instagram Pages

These pages are run by our wonderful Parent Builders, and give you a window into the daily events that are happening on your builder’s trip. They post at least one picture or video of each group member every day, so it’s a great way to keep track of what they’re up to (and a good reference to look through with them once they’re home and want to give you a play-by-play of their adventures). You can check out previous trips by visiting @hxp.tripname; i.e. @hxp.drtamboril.

Letters Home

Halfway through the trip—typically Sunday—all builders write a handwritten note home. Trip Leaders will take pictures of the letter and email it to you. This is a great opportunity for them to talk about the trip and what they’ve learned, and you’ll be blown away by their growth and perspective shift in such a short period of time.

HXP On-Call

In case of emergency, we have a 24-hour hotline during the summer. If there’s an emergency at home or on your child’s trip, Humanitarian Experience HQ will get you in touch quickly. We are in constant communication with all of our Trip Leaders throughout their trips, but we filter communication so they can focus first and foremost on running trips and connecting with their Builders.