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While Humanitarian XP and EFY share many of the same beliefs, standards, goals, and objectives, we are an independent non-profit organization and is not affiliated with EFY, BYU, or the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Humanitarian XP programs are open to youth of any denomination that agrees to follow the Humanitarian Experience code of conduct. Prayer, scripture study, and church attendance are an important part of each program.

Humanitarian Experience expeditions are designed to change lives through service. However, they are not designed nor equipped for teens experiencing serious emotional, moral, substance abuse or discipline problems. While our Trip Leaders are outstanding individuals, they don’t have any professional training or resources to deal with youth with significant challenges. If the Trip Leaders encounter teens with disruptive challenges that result in difficulties following Humanitarian XP rules, they are instructed to send them home early so that they can receive professional care.

Service is our mantra and Builders can expect to spend about 70 hours on the construction project work-site. Of the typical 17-day expedition, the weekends are set aside for sightseeing. Humanitarian Experience believes in immersing youth in the communities and among the people of the countries they visit to help them understand the genuine joy that comes from serving others.

Every builder will receive a Checklist on their Humanitarian XP account when they register for an expedition that will include all of the needed documents and their due dates. These documents include the Builder Agreement, Parent information, Health Forms, Personal Photo, Insurance Card, and a Domestic Flight Itinerary. It is very important that these documents are turned in on time so that the HXP office can move forward with the planning of these expeditions!

Good to know! We will let our food providers in country know but be aware that sometimes the food options are limited to what the members and restaurants in the area cook. Most of the time, they are able to accommodate those with food allergies or restrictions, but we do encourage you to bring enough snacks to last the trip in the case of the restaurants providing something you are unable to eat.

If you are traveling outside of the United States, you will definitely need a passport. If you don’t have a current one, you will want to apply for one as soon as possible. You also need to make sure that you passport expires at least 6 months after your trip ends or else you won’t be admitted into the country!

As for visas, this depends on which trip you choose. Trips that require a visa before traveling to the country will be listed on the country page. Both visa and passport fees are not included in the price of the trip. You can get more information about the requirements for visas on the individual trip pages.

When you sign up for a trip, it will have a specific departure airport for the international flight. It is up to you to either drive or fly to this airport to meet up with your group. Once at the designated departure airport, you will find your group. Everyone will have matching t-shirts to make it easier to find your group! Your Trip Leader will also give you a specific place to meet them.


As for luggage, the lighter the better! You can bring up to one carry-on and one checked suitcase weighing no more than 50 pounds. But really, less is more in this case 🙂

This varies from expedition to expedition but usually, we will take laundry to be washed once during the trip. This laundry service usually costs about $10 depending on the amount of clothes.

You will exchange money once you arrive in country at the airport, so do not worry about doing so beforehand.

Humanitarian Experience will purchase an international travel and medical emergency policy for all participants while they are out of the country. 

Humanitarian Experience travel insurance protects builders during the trip but recommend purchasing a Cancel for Any Reason policy to protect your investment in the event that YOU need to cancel from your trip from any reason. Read more here

As for health insurance, Humanitarian XP’s travel insurance will provide you with travel insurance to cover short-term medical emergencies and problems while traveling, but you will need to have your own medical insurance just in case you have a problem that requires continued medical treatment after you return. Humanitarian XP’s travel insurance will only cover after claims have been filed through primary insurance.

Nope! Some knowledge of the language is always helpful but our Trip Leaders are fluent and you will learn more while you were there. And, there is nothing better than communicating with a hug and a smile 🙂

Humanitarian Experience tries to make their trip a mission-like experience as much as possible so don’t expect to call home during the two weeks you are away. You will have the opportunity to write a letter home half way through your trip.

If a parent needs to get in touch with a youth during the trip, they can contact the Humanitarian XP office and we will get in touch with the Trip Leaders who always carry cell phones. The Humanitarian XP office will send the parents of all the participants an email once the group has arrived safely in-country, and the Builders will receive their phones when they are back in the United States.

Humanitarian Expereince works closely with the airlines to secure the best prices for our Builders. However, this is contingent upon our purchasing the tickets as a group. We are therefore unable to permit the use of miles or flight vouchers in order to best serve all of our Builders.

The trip cost includes round-trip international airfare to and from the departure airport; food; lodging; local transportation; sightseeing tours; and other activities. About $400-$500 of your payment goes directly to the cost of the humanitarian construction project.

Each Humanitarian XP expedition consists of 19 youth, 2 Parent Coaches, and 2 Trip Leaders. Youth must be ages 16-19 when the expedition starts. The Parent Coaches are parents of participants who register on an expedition with their son or daughter. Trip Leaders are young adults ages 22-33 who are recruited and trained by Humanitarian XP to lead the expeditions.

In 2021 we sent about 4,000 Builders to 39 Global Locations.

HumanitarianXP started in 1999 with a small group of youth and parents going to Brazil to help build a house. Since then, HXP has expanded to 39 global locations.

Of course! We would love to have you. We just require that you commit to and sign the code of conduct and follow LDS principles and standards. The group will also participate in LDS scripture study and Church services.

Yes. However, all participants regardless of home state or country are responsible for round trip transportation to and from the departure airport in the US (usually LAX or MIA). Be aware that there may be additional charges and immunization requirements from countries outside the US or Canada.

First, narrow down your trip choices by date. Second, read over the trip details and itinerary and choose the trip you want to attend based on the service provided (whichever one inspires you most). The primary focus of all trips will be providing service to others.

If there is still space for an Parent Coach on the trip, then simply ask your mom or dad to sign up. We reserve a space on the trip for the son or daughter of each Parent Coach. If neither parent is available to sign up as an Parent Coach, you can sign up on the waiting list, which will open once all the trips are full for either young women or young men. There is only one waiting list for all trips and all dates and open spots will be offered to participants on the waiting list in the order they signed up. 

No. A participant is either registered on an expedition or on the waiting list, it isn’t possible to be on both. If a participant is registered on an expedition and applies for the waiting list, he/she will lose the spot on the expedition.

Yes. Humanitarian Experience attempts to organize groups that have a balance of young men and young women. This provides the youth with an opportunity to form lasting friendships with both young men and young women. In addition, all Humanitarian XP groups follow strict “mission” rules of conduct and do not allow “pairing off.” Humanitarian XP arranges for separate sleeping and bathroom facilities for young men and young women.

Yes. You can join an expedition as a volunteer Parent Coach. Each trip has one space reserved for an adult male Parent Coach, and one space reserved for female Parent Coach. Click here for more information.

The typical trip has 12 young women and 6 young men between the ages of 16 and 19. There are two group leaders and two Parent Coaches (parent chaperons). Humanitarian XP maintains a ratio of 1 adult to 5 youth.

No. All trips are co-ed and must keep a certain boy to girl ratio.

In almost every case, young men and young women go on our expeditions without knowing anyone else on the trip. It is not unusual for a single expedition to have participants from more than 15 different states. We value this part of our program as it allows the youth to develop close friendships with other LDS youth from many different places, and we’ve found that these new friendships continue long after the expedition ends.

The Expeditions page lists one or multiple departure locations for each expedition. These usually include Los Angeles (LAX), Miami (MIA), Dallas (DFW) and Salt Lake (SLC) airports. These flights will all feed into one location (usually LAX or MIA) before leaving the US so that the group travels together to the foreign country.

Our groups generally meet at the departure gate for their international flight. However, your trip leader will call you in the weeks preceding your departure and provide you with that information in addition to other important trip details.

Due to the limited luggage capacity of the local buses and vans, Humanitarian XP requests that participants only bring one carry-on and one suitcase weighing no more than 50 pounds and up to 62″ total inches-that’s the height, width, and depth added together.


The trip cost includes round-trip international airfare to and from the departure airport; food; lodging; local transportation; sightseeing tours; and other activities. About $400-$500 of your payment goes directly to the cost of the humanitarian construction project.

Participants are responsible for domestic transportation to and from the departure airport; passport costs (about $110-160 US); tourist visa fees ($160 + handling service for Brazil only); incidental expenses such as laundry, snacks, and extra drinks (about $50 US); souvenirs (no more than $100 US).

Each person is responsible for arranging transportation to the departure airport they sign up for in time to meet the group. Each person is also responsible for transportation back home from the departure airport at the conclusion of the trip. This means that many participants will need to purchase their own round trip air ticket to and from their home airport. However, if a participant lives close enough to the airport they sign up for, he/she can drive to/from that departure airport. The international ticket is included in the cost of the trip and is purchased by Humanitarian XP Please wait until Humanitarian Experience has sent you your international flight details before booking your domestic airfare (usually in March).

The trip cost includes three group meals and beverages per day; however, participants can bring spending money should they want to stop for a drink or ice cream during the trip. We suggest that you bring about $50 for telephone, laundry, personal items, snacks and drinks.

Each participant is required to make 3 payments: a $500 down payment with the online application (non-refundable until January 11 or 48 hours later for those who register after January 11.) A $1500 middle payment is due January 15. The balance of your trip cost is due February 15.

Many Builders have gone on our expeditions at very little or even no cost to themselves by raising funds for Humanitarian XP The sooner you start fundraising, the easier it is to have the entire cost of your trip covered by fundraising. Humanitarian Experience has fundraising packets available that contain hints, sample letters and other ideas. Humanitarian Experience Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and donations to Humanitarian XP are almost always tax-deductible. However, you should always confer with a tax professional to understand the tax implications of a donation to Humanitarian XP Check out our tips for great fundraising ideas here.

We suggest asking someone to help you make that $500 deposit to hold your spot. Once you have fund-raised the full amount, your deposit will be refunded to you. Fundraising is a lot easier than you think. Check out our Fundraising Page for great tips and ideas.

Humanitarian Experience can accept donations from Canada but they are not tax deductible for income reported in Canada. However, if the Canadian donor receives income in the US, he/she may be able to receive a tax deduction on any taxes paid to the US. Also, there is a $5 converting currency charge for Canadian checks. We strongly recommend Canadians donate online using a credit card.


We feel very optimistic about being able to run trips in 2021. As of today 51% of our countries are open to travel and we’ve already started planning trips for 2021. No matter what this upcoming year looks like, we’re putting plans in place to make sure that each Builder has a life-changing experience.

Official Humanitarian Experience registration will be mid-December. Stay tuned for exact dates.

Go to our registration page for all of the details!

Yes, we’d love to have you! Check out this blog post for more info.


We’re looking forward to 2022 with optimism, and even if international borders are closed, we’ll have plans in place to give the Builders an alternate life-changing Humanitarian Experience trip.

Safety is our top priority at Humanitarian Experience in all aspects, and as far as COVID goes, we will follow the local guidelines of the countries/states we serve in. If there is a vaccine ready, we will require all Builders to have been vaccinated.

Deferred Builders

As a deferred Builder you have a guaranteed spot on the trip (location and dates) that you were on for 2020. If you want to change locations or dates you can do so, and will be put into a lottery with all of the other deferred builders to sort out preferences. As a deferred builder you are still promised a spot no matter what.

All bookings made during Registration Week (December 14-18, 2020), are eligible for a money-back guarantee. If the trip is canceled by Humanitarian Experience 90 days or more prior to departure due to complications or restrictions arising from the COVID-19 pandemic, Builders and Parent Builders may either  

(a) Switch with their same 2021 group to a Domestic Alternative Service Trip, and be refunded the difference in cost   


(b) Humanitarian Experience will refund them the amount paid  minus the original nonrefundable deposit and any donations. 

Deferred Builders: If you selected the “Deferred” option and rolled over from 2020, your donations and payments became nonrefundable when you made that choice. However, in the event that your international trip is cancelled prior to 90 days before your departure, you may still join the Domestic Alternative trip (link to Domestic Trips Page) with the other Builders in your 2021 group.

If you have a family member that would like to take your place, we can make a one-time exception to allow it.


We will be announcing all of our trip locations on November 24th.

All of our trips have very high ratings, but in the past, Bolivia and Guatemala have been rated as top trips by our Builders.

You will get a specific packing list when you get assigned a trip, but for now, this article will give you a little bit of an idea on what to bring when traveling internationally!

The safety of our Builders is our first priority. Our Program Directors scout out each location in advance to assure the safety of the area. They find lodging and restaurants and work with local coordinators who help the groups when they are in the country. We select outstanding, responsible Trip Leaders each year and make sure they are CPR/First Aid certified before the expedition. We also have an annual Trip Leader Training to prepare our Trip Leaders to confidently lead our Builders during their expeditions. During the trips, our office staff is in constant contact with the Trip Leaders to make sure things are going well and to help with any problems that may arise. In the case of emergency, our Trip Leaders are trained to ensure group safety, and the Humanitarian XP office will contact families to update them on the situation.

Parents at Home

All of the Builders will send one letter home from the email address Donotreply@humanitarianxp.org about halfway through the trip. They will not be able to see your responses to that email, as the Trip Leader will be sending the letter to you. The trip leaders will also not be able to be in contact directly with you while on the trip. To best stay up to date with how the trip is going you can follow that location’s specific instagram page.

If you urgently need to communicate something to your child please call the Humanitarian XP HQ at (801) 900-4111.

Parent Builders

Although we always have one male Parent Builder and one female Parent Builder, we always have them be from different families to ensure group cohesiveness and maintain focus on the trip.


We highly encourage Builders to go on trips on their own. We have learned that doing so builds better friendships on the trip and overall leads to the best experience.

Our main goal is that you walk away having had your life changed. You will work as hard as you can to serve the people of the country you’re in and in turn your life will change.

Trip Leaders

We typically ask Trip Leaders to lead two groups. Each group lasts two weeks, so typically Trip Leaders are in country for one month.

Sorting Trip Leaders is one giant jigsaw puzzle of placing people in the right country, speaking the right language, with the right co-leader. This can be a complicated process and as such Trip Leaders generally do not get to choose where they go.

Sorting Trip Leaders is one giant jigsaw puzzle of placing people in the right country, speaking the right language, with the right co-leader. This can be a complicated process and as such Trip Leaders generally do not get to choose where they go.

Humanitarian Experience trips start once the group is in the international airport and ends once they land back in the USA. As such our Trip Leaders are required to return with their group.


If you can’t log into your account, click the login button and then select “Forgot My Password or Username”. You will get an email with a link that will allow you to reset your password. 

If you want to cancel your trip, you can go ahead and do so by cancelling from your Builder Portal. You will have to agree to the terms and conditions that are associated with cancelling. Please review our refund policies and terms and conditions prior to cancelling. 

If you need some sort of exception or accommodation to your trip, please send an email to info@hxp.org explaining your situation and request. 

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