HEFY Fundraising: How to Pay For Your Trip

Whether you’re already assigned to a trip or you’re planning for a future trip… before you know it, you’ll be hopping on a plane on your way to the best service adventure ever. But before we get ahead of ourselves, we need to talk about how to pay for it. 

For the last 21 years we’ve seen fundraising done in a lot of really creative ways. One thing remains true: our Builders tend to have a better experience when they work hard to pay for even a part of their own trip. There’s something special about working hard to pay for an experience like this–you’re just so much more invested. 

We’ve picked up some ideas that might help get you going, so let’s gooooooooo!! 

How to pay for your trip 

There are a few main ways to pay for HEFY. 

First, you can be an entrepreneur and find a way to pay for it yourself, or save up money from your part time job. Below are a bunch of cool ideas that Builders have come up with over the years to fund their trips, and we think they are spectacular. 

Second, your parents might help you out a little. Maybe you’ve even been given this experience as a gift from them. If so, what a special gift!  Remember to think about that when you’re out on your trip having the time of your life, and maybe consider writing them a letter to say thanks. 

Third, you can fundraise! Inviting your extended family, friends, neighbors, local businesses, anyone else around you to partner with you in your service by making donations is a great way to share the blessings of service. A lot of companies will make matching gifts for their employees to do service, so don’t forget to check with your work or your parent’s work. 

On your checklist you’ll find a link that you can send out to everyone you know, which will enable your donors to donate to HEFY with an indicated preference that their donation be used for your trip. Make sure your donors understand that the IRS will not allow HEFY to refund donations if your trip is cancelled or you can’t go for any reason! 

Get Creative

Builders are getting more creative every year with their fundraising efforts, and we want to give you some fun ideas! One year, a Builder paid for her entire trip by selling jars of homemade salsa. Another year, a Builder started making and selling digital artwork, and not only paid for her trip but turned it into a small business! No matter what you choose to do, people will want to support you. Here are a few more HEFY fundraising ideas:

  • Set up a subscription service in your neighborhood for any services offered/items you sell
  • Bake and sell cookies, bread, etc on Mondays for FHE treats 
  • Offer a gift wrapping service in your home for Christmas gifts
  • Mow lawns, rake leaves, shovel snow, clean gutters, remove trash every week
  • Make/Sell bracelets or scrunchies 
  • Start up an online boutique using imported items that cost less 
  • Offer babysitting services 
  • Sell old clothes on Poshmark or Instagram – offer to do that for your neighbors
  • Start a home cleaning business 
  • Put up Christmas lights for neighbors
  • Sell holiday treats (Birthday cakes, Christmas, Valentine’s, etc.)
  • Get an after-school job 
  • Make and sell masks 
  • Decorate porches for various seasons for neighbors

As you can see, there are countless ways to pay for your HEFY trip. We hope this list got your creative juices flowing and that you were able to think of even more great ideas! If you decide to fundraise for your trip, be sure to post it on social media and tag us so we can feature your awesome efforts!