HEFY HQ: Get to Know Our Culture

You’ve probably heard the saying “Work Hard, Play Hard.”  As cliche as it sounds, we take that to heart up at HEFY HQ. To make sure that our trips are an absolute blast, we want to make sure that we are having an absolute blast while we make them. That being said, we have two things we do up here at HQ that we want to tell you about, our Pancake Fridays, and our monthly MasterClass.


First let me tell you about our pancake Friday’s.  Back before Covid one of our office members would come early every once in a while and get some good old fashioned flapjacks made for the team to eat on Friday mornings.  Coming back to the office after quarantine, we decided that we wanted to keep this tradition going, but we wanted it to have a little more of the signature HEFY secret sauce.  Each week, a different team is given the responsibility to come in on Friday mornings and make pancakes for the office team.

It started out with Bisquick pancakes and maple syrup every week for the first month or so, but then slowly the bar started to get raised.  Fresh cut strawberries, hand whipped whip cream, homemade buttermilk syrup came in and brought with them a healthy dosage of HEFY competition.  Soon teams started to theme the pancakes. We had the “black and yellow week” where the pancakes were dyed black topped with yellow Bananas and black berries, and a side of yellow scrambled eggs.  

Halloween season came in and we walked into the smell of sizzling bacon and found a cauldron of apple juice spewing dry ice, and the pancakes were dyed orange and decorated with frosting into jack-o-lanterns.  Our international team raised the bar again, and we had our pancake Friday themed to “It’s a Small World.”  The pancakes were frosted into globes and we had Mickey Mouse waffles, international juices and Cocoa Samoa. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, our Flights team created an “HEFY Air” theme, complete with flight attendants, first class seating, an overhead announcement about the menu, and seating lined up like rows on an airplane! Only time will tell what we have up next.


HEFY’s monthly master class.  This past month we had a stellar art class by our resident artist, Becca Hatch.  Becca put’s the art in smart- or to put it in other words, when it comes to art, she knows what she is doing.  Becca put together a painting class where she guided us through painting some abstract paintings.

If you’re anything like some of us, we were a little nervous going into it.  But before any of us could chicken out, Becca jumped in and said “everyone is an artist, you can’t say you can’t, you can’t say you’re not creative, everyone is creative, you might just need a little help to find out how.”  Becca put her money where her mouth was, and she made artists out of us.  She helped us understand complimentary colors, and lights are darks.  She walked us through painting base layers, then finding the next color to go on top.  We were guided in composition and shape, putting in shapes and lines to frame our painting, and then came in with blacks, whites, and contrasts to be the extra little spark that finished off our paintings.  We now have an office full of paintings that all look super unique, we couldn’t be happier with the results.

This painting party gave us all the little creative boosts we needed to hop right back into putting together stellar trips.  We got back to our desks itching to use our creative muscles, think outside the box and put together some of the coolest things HEFY has seen to date.