How Can My Builder Prepare for HEFY?

We love the saying that there is no comfort in the growth zone, and no growth in the comfort zone. This applies 100% to HEFY trips. And while we love the growth zone, there are things you can do now to prepare your child to help this be a positive growing experience. 

Here are a few tips that will make a big difference in helping your child have the best experiences possible: 


  • Study the scriptures and pray daily 
    • Set alarms on your phone
    • Create a group chat for sharing insights 
    • Keep a journal
    • Do Come Follow Me and follow along with Don’t Miss This
  • Pray for and act on opportunities to share the gospel 
    • Invite someone to church or an activity
    • Don’t skip over your Sundays when telling about your weekend
    • Have a gospel conversion with someone in your family 
  • Attend church and be involved in youth activities  
    • Pray to know who you can help in your ward and serve them


  • Work with local missionaries 
    • Find out who your local missionaries are and let them know you are willing to help
    • Have them over to your house for dinner and a lesson 
    • Ask them about themselves and their own conversion 
    • Refer someone to be taught by the missionaries 
  • Be proactive and independent 
    • Learn to do your own laundry 
    • Have good hygiene 
    • Be able to make eye contact and carry conversations with others 
  • Go out of your way to meet new people 
    • Sit with someone new at lunch
    • Learn the names of everyone in your class and something about them 
    • Put down your phone and talk to those around you 
  • Plan and set goals 
    • Get and keep a planner 
    • Tell your goals to others to keep accountable 
    • Pick a reward for yourself once you reach your goals 


  • Be in good physical shape  
    • Go on daily walks
    • Try new foods 
  • Practice good emotional health 
    • Be able to communicate feelings and know those around you are there to help 
    • Know emotional triggers
    • Have a plan for worse case scenarios 


  • Raise money
    • In addition to asking people to make tax-deductible donations to HEFY, lots of Builders find creative ways to earn money to pay for their expeditions. Here are some innovative things past Builders have done: Sell homemade t-shirts, organize a benefit concert, compile a neighborhood cookbook, organize telegrams for valentines day, organize christmas tree removals after the holidays. 


  • Research your trip location
  • Meet, hangout, read scriptures with your group before leaving 
  • Follow the HEFY instagram page and trip specific pages 
  • Start collecting items for your packing list

Remember that there will be miracles. What your youth puts into these trips will be what they get out of them. Start preparing now for a trip of miracles.