Anyone choosing to serve in a foreign location knows that it is a daunting proposition. Far too often well-intentioned people decide to spend a week or two in an emerging country doing service with little to no understanding of the unintended negative consequences of their efforts. They believe they are doing good but unfortunately they end up hurting the people that they came to help by inadvertently damaging their social, economic, or environmental systems. At HumanitarianXP we spend countless hours researching, befriending locals, spending time in the country, and on our knees to find the perfect service project that everyone involved can feel confident is sustainable.  


to change lives through sustainable service.

The First Builder

Humanitarian Experience was never meant to be a nonprofit. In 1999, Glenn and Elisabeth Bingham wanted their son David to have a humanitarian experience with members of their faith, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Not finding that such an opportunity existed, Glenn chose to find a service project in his own mission, Santarem, Brazil. He and David spent two weeks there building a home for street kids. What happened next, nobody could have foreseen…

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