Project Story: Appalachia

The 2018 census data shows that 11.8% of families in the United States live in poverty. However, Appalachian families experience poverty at a rate of 16% according to the Appalachian Regional Commission. Due to this level of poverty, it is not rare for families in East Tennessee to live without electricity, water and other basic necessities. 

This year, HEFY will be partnering with the Appalachia Service Project (ASP). ASP believes all people should be able to live in affordable, safe, and sanitary housing. Shelter is a basic human need impacting all areas of life for families, with ASP serving their community for over 52 years. 

This summer, HEFY Builders will be helping with critical home repair including repairing leaky roofs, soft floors, and unsafe porches and stairs. This will enable individuals and families to have safe and livable homes. Sources: Appalachia Service Project