Registration Week is now over and we’re more convinced than ever that 2021 is going to be the most special summer in the history of HEFY. There’s something really exciting about being the first groups to head out after the pandemic to start rebuilding, and the HEFY vision “there will be miracles” will be more evident this summer than ever before. 


Here’s how to register until January 11, 2021:  


1. Create a new account (even if you had one on our old website). 

2. Explore which trips still have spots available by logging in to your account, 

and think about which one feels like the right place for you to serve. 

3. Enter your top 10 preferences 

4. A nightly lottery will run every night after midnight MST, 

and sometime the next day  you’ll be able to see your assigned spot 

by logging into your portal! 

5. If all of your 10 preferences are full, you’ll automatically be put onto the waitlist. 

You can adjust your preferences every day until January 11, 2021. 


PRO TIP: Some of our most highly rated trips are the ones people initially sleep on because the locations aren’t as well known. If there is a trip with quite a few openings, consider it, even if it isn’t a place you know much about. Odds are you’ll decide it was exactly where you needed to be.  


Register based on how old you’ll be on September 1, 2021.

Note: 16-year-olds MUST turn 16 by the first day of their trip per our insurance requirements. 

The lottery will run every night until January 11, 2021. 


Check out the Trip Comparison Chart to see all trips in a simple view with descriptions!


After January 11,  you will still be able to register for the wait list by clicking here.


New to HEFY? Click here to join our mailing list and stay in the know (we promise to never spam you). You can also read our FAQ page for general trip questions. 


*Please note: if you are a Parent Builder and cancel from your trip, this will automatically cancel your child off their spot as well. Your child can then choose to re-register for an available spot, or register for a waitlist. 

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Securing Your Preference

How to Improve Your Chances of Getting on a Trip

Getting on your trip is simple – all you have to do is fill out (up to) ten trip preferences and our lottery will work its magic! We prioritize Parent Builders and age of Youth Builders. So basically Parent Builders and their respective child will be assigned trips first, followed by 19-year-olds, then 18-year-olds, and so on.

PRO TIP: Each trip is just as exciting as the next! If you are younger, we recommend putting trips that you think others won’t be vying for and your chances will certainly go up! Hint… the locations that your favorite influencer hasn’t gone to are the ones to list!


*Please note: if you are a Parent Builder and cancel from your trip, this will automatically cancel your child off their spot as well. Your child can then choose to re-register for an available spot, or register for a waitlist. 



Deferred Builders: You will register beginning December 9th at noon MST. You will either be able to claim your reserved spot, or enter into the lottery with all other Deferred Builders. Make sure to submit your decision before midnight on December 11th. Information about how to register will be sent to you on December 4th.


Pre-Registered Builders: Because you are pre-registered, you will be run in the lottery after the Deferred Builders, but before anyone who didn’t pre-register. You will still register with your age group between December 14th and December 18th, but don’t worry you will get assigned a trip first!

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Before Registration


Explore this year’s trips and decide what trips you want in your preference list! 

Create a new HEFY account (yes, even if you had one on our old site). You’ll need an account in order to register!

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On Registration Day

Login to your new account and begin the registration process as prompted.



Enter your own AND your parent’s contact info as prompted

(don’t worry we’ll always send emails to you both, but we need yours in particular

to connect you with your new group in January).


Submit up to 10 trip preferences with 1 being your first choice.

(You will be able to edit these preferences after you submit them up until ten minutes before the lottery runs each night). 


The Registration Lottery will run each night at 11:59 pm MST on December 14, 15, 16, and 17.

You’ll be able to see your assigned 2021 trip in the morning.

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After Registration

You’ll get an email with your trip assignment and next steps the day after you register. Read your welcome packet, explore your trip, and start the countdown to hardest and best summer of your life!

Still Have Questions?