Waitlist Policy

As long as you remain on the waitlist you can request a refund for the $500 deposit up until August 31st, 2023. After August 31st, 2023 the deposit becomes non-refundable.

If you get booked on a trip from the waitlist you have 48 hours to cancel your spot, and receive a refund of the $500 deposit, after that it becomes non-refundable.

What if you want to get off the waitlist?

  1. Take another stab at your preference list. This time, try to specifically find trips that still have availability. Psst—some of our very best countries have multiple locations (i.e. more spots) or are just not as well known. Don’t sleep on trips just because there are still spots left. Log into your Builder Portal and filter by availability to see the trips where you have your best shot. Who knows: maybe where you’re meant to be this summer is nowhere near where you originally thought you’d go. For how to register see here.

2. Dig deep. If you need some added inspiration, try checking out our blog post, How To Pick A Trip.

3. Bring your Mom or Dad. One of our best-kept secrets is if you go with a Parent you get first dibs on trips in each lottery. Some locations may not have availability for Youth Builders anymore but may have a Parent Builder spot! Look for those openings, snag a parent and your chances are much higher. (Heads up, if your parent cancels later, it also cancels you. So don’t try it unless your Mom or Dad is all in.)

4. Be brave. If you’re trying hard to link up with a friend or cousin, consider letting that go. Without fail, the Builders that have the best times are the ones who go on their own and discover a whole new version of themselves in the process. Read more here.

If you’re still hoping that the stars align and one of the trips from your current preference list opens up, you can hang out on the waitlist as long as you want. (Well, until the last trips of Summer 2023 take off at the end of July.) You can request a refund at any point during that time, until August 31, 2023.

Once booked on a trip you will follow the payment schedule:

$1,500 for international experience & $500 for domestic experience is due January 27th, 2023

The remaining balance is due February 24th, 2023. Each additional payment becomes non-refundable on payment due date.

If you are booked on a trip after February 24th, 2023 you have three days to complete final payment.

If you were previously booked on a 2023 trip and moved to the waitlist, the $500 is non-refundable even if you remain on the waiting list.

For further information on the refund policies and payment schedule click here.